Online collection

Immersive videos with descriptions, stories, words, sounds and sensorial suggestions that describe some of the works contained in the Napoleonic Museum.


Napoleone a cavallo sul campo di Wagram. Una lettura sensoriale​
Based directly upon the experience with the Musei da toccare project, the Museo Napoleonico explores the contents available for the visually handicapped public, blind people and deaf people by offering audio videos which can be accessed from remote places.

Il Re di Roma. Una lettura sensoriale​
A description and immersive video of the bronze sculpture " Ritratto del Re di Roma", a 20th century replica of the original Napoleonic marble work by Bosio from Monaco. Organized by Laura Panarese. The organiser wants to take the listener, with descriptions, stories, words, sounds and sensory suggestions, into the presence of the sculpture, and from there, with a flight of fantasy, into the room where we imagine the child to be, the only son of Napoleon and Marie-Louise, the long-awaited puer virgiliano...

Paolina. Una lettura sensoriale​
A video story dedicated to Paolina la Bella and designed for the visually impaired, but not only. Let's take a moment and read with our senses switched on a museum sculpture: the bronze bust of Pauline Bonaparte Borghese by Pietro Marchetti. A short synaesthetic journey to learn more about the famous woman, a restless creature, an icon of beauty, an unforgettable protagonist of the neoclassical artistic season. Curated by Laura Panarese.

Napoleone: una lettura sensoriale
This video story is part of a series designed for the visually impaired, but not only. It invites the viewer to pause for a moment, to take quality time and access the work calmly, listening, reading Art with the senses, in a synaesthetic way.
The protagonist is the busto marmoreo di Napoeleone Bonaparte in the Kingdom of Naples room of the Napoleonic Museum. Music, sounds and precise, engaging descriptions are intended to introduce an unusual way of getting to know a well-known figure, whose death this year marks the 200th anniversary.