Photo reproduction request

Rules for granting permission for photographic reproduction of works of art in museums and collections of the Municipality of Rome
1. The photographic shots - in color or in black and white - of works of art in museums and collections of the Municipality of Rome are taken directly by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Rome [henceforth referred to as "Superintendency"] or under the direct control of the staff of the Superintendency. The copyright therefore belongs to the Municipality of Rome, in accordance with the current laws.
2. No photograph may be published or in any way reproduced by any means without a written authorization from the Superintendency.
3. The release of the authorization is subject to the applicant's acceptance of these rules. For this purpose, the applicant will send a signed copy of this sheet to the competent museum management, as well as the attached form, completed in its entirety, to allow the definition of the amount of rights.
4. The reproduction permit is limited to the works explicitly listed in the authorization and for the indicated means of publication; it is valid only once and does not confer any exclusive or indefinite right; it cannot be sold, assigned or in any case transferred to third parties (including heirs, successor companies or subcontractors) without specific written consent from the Superintendency; it cannot be used in any form of commercial propaganda, advertising, promotion.
5. In reproduction, the illustrated work of art cannot be subject to any form of manipulation, alteration or distortion without the written permission of the Superintendency; in the case of reproduction of one or more details, this circumstance must be clearly indicated.
6. The photographic references must clearly indicate the copyright of the Municipality of Rome, the name of the museum or collection and possibly the name of the photographer. The precise reference will be indicated in the authorization issued by the Superintendency. Non-compliance, even partial, with this rule will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.
7. It is the faculty of the Superintendency to request in advance and subordinate the reproduction authorization to the control of the drafts concerning the works of the Municipality of Rome.
8. Two copies of the publication will be delivered to the management of the municipal museum where the reproduced work is kept. In the case of the reproduction of several works from different museums and municipal collections, the Superintendency has the right to request an adequate number of copies.
9. It is possible to request duplicates of black and white prints, transparencies and color slides. In no case the positive or negative original black and white archives owned by the Superintendency will be delivered. In the case of filming shot by the applicant, a copy will be delivered to the Superintendency.
10. The applicant is obliged to pay the Superintendency the cost of the photograph, as well as the payment of the reproduction rights. In the event that the applicant already has a photograph regularly acquired by the Superintendency, only the payment of the fees will be required. No photograph will be delivered before full payment of costs and rights.
11. The authorization for reproduction may be revoked by the Superintendency in the event of default by the applicant in the presence of false declarations.